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Mild hyperbaric chambers are considered a Class II medical device by the FDA.  All sales and rentals require a prescription or referral from a qualified practitioner regardless of intended use.

NT Rental Program: 
Not sure if your condition will benefit from HBOT? Only need treatment for a month or two? Try our chambers BEFORE you purchase.


CLASS 4-38 : Rent $1750/mo.

                           Buy $13,495

   CLASS 4-31: Rent $1200/mo.

                             Buy $8995

     CLASS 4-24: Rent $900/mo.

                                Buy $4995


Special Offer - Rent a 45" Chamber for the same price as the 38"

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100%* of your chamber rental fees apply to the
purchase of your chamber.

                                          *see below for details

Typical protocol to determine if you will benefit from HBOT is 40 consecutive sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each. This can be done within a 30 day period with 2 sessions daily, or within a 60 day period as 1 session daily in the convenience of your home. Renting a chamber for 30 to 60 days will allow you to confirm the benefit for your need.

1.  Call the factory to reserve your chamber.
2.  Let us know if your are including an Oxygen Concentrator with your rental.

    (cost is an additional $150 per month)
3.  Fax or e-mail your prescription

4.  Complete our qualification application.

5.  Sign our rental agreement and pay for your order.


**100% of the first month AND 100% of the second month rent + the deposit applies to purchase.




♦ Your initial payment for the CHAMBER RENTAL can be calculated as follows :

                  chamber rental cost (depends on size)
               + Refundable chamber deposit (same as rental cost)

+ Shipping (est. $200-$300)


♦ Your initial payment for the OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR can be calculated

    as follows:

First month’s rent ($150.00)

+ REFUNDABLE deposit ($300.00)

+ SHIPPING (est. $75 - $100)

  Your next rental payment will be due in 30 days and will consist of the chamber and concentrator rental charges only.
    •  Equipment may be returned or purchased at any time during the lease period.
    •  Return shipping is the responsibility of the Lessee
    •  All deposits are refundable or may apply to the purchase price in full.