About Us

In 1984, Typhoon Water Wares, Ltd. was founded with the goal of designing and manufacturing high-quality medical devices and pressure equipment for both clinical and home use. In 2001, we were commissioned to design and build mild hyperbaric chambers that were capable of holding up to higher sustained levels of pressure than the average chamber on the market. To meet this new challenge, we needed to develop brand new technologies and manufacturing processes that set the standards for the next generation of mild hyperbaric chambers.

Over the next decade, we practiced and perfected the method of designing and manufacturing these chambers for others. It was at this point that Typhoon Water Wares formed Newtowne Hyperbarics in order to market their products to a wider clientele. In doing so, we opened the door to providing our proprietary line of high performance mild hyperbaric chambers at a price affordable to the average consumer, allowing more people access to this breakthrough medical technology.

Newtowne Hyperbarics Factory