The Resources You Need to Get the Most out of Your Chamber

All of the Hyperbaric Chambers that are available from Newtowne Hyperbarics have accompanying brochures and manuals to help you better understand the product. The manuals are available by request, and the brochure with more information can be found here.

Our Special Offers Make Our Chambers Even More Affordable

We offer selected portable hyperbaric chambers at significant discounts in order to help you get access to our medical products no matter how tight your budget may be. All of these offers are for new chambers unless specifically stated otherwise. If they are used, rest assured that these chambers are thoroughly inspected, cycle tested, disinfected, and repackaged right in our factory before being resold. We only sell used hyperbaric chambers manufactured by Newtowne Hyperbarics. Standard warranties apply to all of our products.


Not sure if your condition will benefit from HBOT? Only need treatment for a month or two? Try our chambers BEFORE you purchase. Typical protocol to determine if you will benefit from HBOT is 40 consecutive sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each. This can be done within a 30 day period with 2 sessions daily, or within a 60 day period as 1 session daily in the convenience of your home. Renting a chamber for 30 to 60 days will allow you to confirm the benefit for your need. All or a portion of your chamber rental fees apply to the purchase of your chamber. More information can be found here.